Science Marketing

Target scientists with our customized email marketing and social media services

Email Marketing

Target scientists in specific fields

Banner Advertising

Advertise across our network of science websites

Lead Generation

Build your own email list with qualified scientists

Social Media Growth

Build your social media following fast with engaged scientists

Social Media Management

We can manage your social media campaigns, getting you thousands of new targeted and engaged followers each month

Science Social Media Growth

By targeting specific conferences and trending hashtags tailored to your products, we can rapidly build your Twitter following base.

General Audience Social Media Growth

By targeting specific trending hashtags, we can attract engaged followers to your Twitter account.

We can count on about 1000 new followers to our Twitter account each month with ICMG’s gold package. These followers are highly targeted and engaged. This service really boosts the effectiveness of our promotions.


Marketing Director, CRISPR solutions


Do you want to advertise your product to a targeted audience? We currently can offer several affordable ad campaigns targeting scientists and general audiences.

Science Banner Advertising

Target the scientists who are most likely to buy your product across our network of science websites.

General Audience Banner Advertising

We specialize in websites that cater to female heads of household who make purchasing decisions. Target this sought-after demographic.

The banner advertising options on ICMG’s network are simple and very effective. We find that visitors from these banner ads convert well.


Associate Director of Marketing, Evita Naturals

Product Photography

Do you want affordable product photography? We can provide professional and creative campaigns to showcase your products in the best light.

We use our professional studio to highlight your products in the best possible light. We use creative techniques to make your products look greatĀ for about $10 per product. We can also create optimized photos for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks. We can do still photography and video. Click here to get started.

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About ICMG Ltd.

Ion Channel Media Group Ltd. (ICMG Ltd.) was started in 2005 as an information portal for ion channel scientists. Since then we ventured into hundreds of other niche scientific areas. In the last few years we have ventured into marketing for general audiences, providing product reviews, viral blog posts, infographics, and many other services. We aim to introduce an extremely targeted and engaged audience to your product or service. Our network of influencers will ensure that the effectiveness of your campaigns in maximized.